The mission of the Castellón Province Fire Department

is to be by your side

whenever you need us

History of the Castellón Province Fire Department


The evolution of the Diputación Fire Department has always had a main goal: to offer the citizens a better service day by day.


started its journey in 1988

Nowadays, more than 400 people work in its troops

to offer the best emergency response

to the citizens of Castellón province

  • 1988

    First Station

    Baix Maestrat (Benicarló)
  • 1989

    Opening of Central Services

    The place from which everything is coordinated
  • 1990

    The Volunteer Fire Department is created

    In the Espadà-Millars Station (Onda)
  • 2006

    First Rescue Unit

    Nowadays we can find 3 Rescue Units
  • 2016

    Map of the Stations

    9 Fire Stations and 12 Emergency Rural Stations are reached
  • 2016

    Helipad Maps

    25 facilities to offer a better response

Our philosophy

is based in a comprehensive service

that reaches every corner of the province

Every citizen in Castellón province enjoys a modern Fire Department, no matter the size of the town in which they reside. The Department is perfectly adapted to the needs of a territory made up of 135 towns, 120 kilometres of coastline, mountains that reach up to 2000 metres high, and a big network of transport and industrial areas.

Experience and proximity

Since 1988 we stand next to the citizens of Castellon province. Decades of experience and a professional and close service.


Prevention is key to avoid emergencies. We conduct campaigns for the citizens and vulnerable sectors such as children and elderly people.

Comprehensive service

We manage a comprehensive emergency service model. We have human and material resources specialised in the different types of risks.


To turn the Castellón province into a place which is fully prepared to confront risks and emergencies, protecting its citizens, its goods, and the environment.


Public service vocation guides all our actions


A modern and effective Fire Department made up of more than 400 people in our troops, who serve more than 400.000 inhabitants.


Total amount of services

Since its creation in 1988, the CPBC has performed 128.236 services in Castellón province.

Services in 2020

Throughout this year, the CPBC has performed 3.845 services.

November 2020

13 Home Fires

18 Productive sector fires

1 Wildfires

8 Traffic accidents

14 Prevention Services

Our services

More than 5.000 emergencies per year

Fires, snowfalls, rescues, accidents...We serve in a wide range of risk situations thanks to our comprehensive emergency management model. In addition, we try to make you aware in order to adopt preventive measures that can save your life.