Civil Protection


A group of 150 volunteers that reaches around 90 villages of the province and is part of the Castellón Province Fire Department.

The Volunteer Civil Protection Unit was born in 2013. Its main role is to encourage equal opportunities in the territory, providing civil protection service to all those towns that do not have their own service, what becomes vital in the smallest towns located inland in the north of the province. Thanks to the Civil Protection Unit, all kinds of big sporting, cultural or festive events can take place in the whole province. In these event ther is a mass influx of attendees and participants, what generates a large volume of organizational, logistics and mobility needs, which are covered by Civil Protection, and they always act in coordination with the mayor of each town, or the local police.

Besides, in large emergencies, this unit becomes an important reinforcement of the emergency services, conducting logistics functions. Nowadays, around 90 towns of the province enjoy its service, which is made up of around 150 volunteers, citizens of the province who channel their vocation of service for the community and their spirit of solidarity through it.

Distribution of the Civil Protection bases