The Castellón Province Fire Department has released its 2020 Wildfire Fighting Plan

The Castellón Province Fire Department has released its 2020 Wildfire Fighting Plan. The event, which took place at the facilities of the Central Services of the CPBC, was attended by the president of the Diputación, José Martí, the Director General of the Agencia Valenciana de Seguridad y Respuesta a las Emergencias (AVSRE) of the Generalitat, Jose Maria Ángel, and the Provincial Fire Deputy, Abel Ibáñez. The plan includes 750 troops, 200 vehicles and 5 aerial means (3 Air Tractor planes […]

The CPBC performs almost 150 services due to heavy rains

The Castellón Province Fire Department has performed nearly 150 services because of the rains that fell on March 31 and April 1 in the province of Castellón. As highlighted by the State Meteorological Agency, these are record rainfalls that have come to leave up to 150 l / m² in 24 hours in points such as the capital, exceptional figures at this time of year. This has forced the members of the Fire Department to carry out actions in about […]

Firefighters disinfect dozens of towns

The Castellón Province Fire Department, in its special plan in the fight against Covid-19, has attended to 44 municipalities in the province of Castellón, until April 6. Specifically, these are cleaning and disinfection services carried out in all those municipalities in the province that have requested it, especially the smallest ones, which have fewer resources to carry out this type of measures against the virus. The works are being carried out by Professional Firefighters and Volunteer Firefighters from different fire […]

Civil Protection Unit joins the fight against Covid-19

The Volunteer Civil Protection Unit of Diputación of Castellón is collaborating in the fight against Covid-19 with all public agencies that request it. To do this, the Castellón Province Fire Department is coordinating a wide range of Civil Protection volunteers, distributing the most urgent areas and tasks. The group cooperates with the Provincial Hospital of Castellón in the distribution of medications at home for those patients with prolonged treatments, for example those who receive medication for oncological causes. Civil Protection […]

The CPBC starts disinfection tasks against the Covid-19

Castellon Province Fire Department is cleaning and disinfecting certain places of the province, as a preventive measure against Covid-19. These tasks aim to help slow the progress of the Covid-19 in the province of Castellón. The CPBC is collaborating with the municipalities that request it in cleaning and disinfecting those most sensitive and crowded spaces and the most important infrastructures of each town. To do this, the firefighters are applying a sodium hypoclorite solution. The special disinfecting work carried out […]