Volunteer Firefighters

An indispensable support

Countries like the USA, Germany, France or Portugal stand out for having the biggest volunteer fire brigades in the world. The Chilean National Firefighters Council (Junta Nacional de Bomberos de Chile) is entirely made up of volunteer firefighters, in the USA and France more than the 70% of the firefighters are volunteers, and in countries like Germany, Austria or Australia the percentage of volunteers is more than the 90%.

In Spain, the CPBC was one of the pioneers introducing volunteer firefighters as a complement to professional firefighters. This mixed model has become very positive at operational level, since it has improved the attention to the less populated areas of the province, reducing the response time and working together and perfectly coordinated with the professional firefighters.

The first Volunteer Firefighters Station was the Espadà-Millars one, located in Onda and it was opened in 1990. Nowadays, there are four more stations in the Castellón Province Fire Department: Maestrat-Alcalatén, Els Ports, Alt Maestrat and Alcalatén. Their main goal: to improve the service, to reduce the response time and to be more effective in every corner of the province, especially in small villages located in rural areas, with low population density, and therefore, less services. They are also a fundamental pillar in terms of prevention, since they actively participate in every CPBC campaign.